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PookieDat NFT Drop

PookieDat History -  The PookieDat is based on respecting the earth.  Their color palette is based on earth colors from fresco painting.  yellow and red earth, raw and burnt Sienna, Verona green, dark red hematite, black charcoal, and the famous San Giovanni white. 20 years I work with Master Muralist Hubert Massey, fresco painter of some of the largest modern fresco paintings in the U.S. I have painted 100x5 ft oil paintings.  I am a Photographer, Artist, Filmmaker.  My daughter and I designed PookieDat.  She created the clay relief design, I created the palette and photoshop design.


You should purchase a PookieDat to ease your mood throughout the day.  We also have a poster with all 40 PookieDat.  The palette of the poster is quite relaxing to th emind and body.


Each full resolution PookieDat is 33x37in 19mb

Full resolution poster is 168x314in @ 786mb

Priced to sell on opensea

Drops on 3/29/2022




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