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"Bandana Mania" (Teen Monologue, Female)*Humorous*

Jayna's new friend Stephanie, has just moved in next door. Jayna has been going to the same inner-city high school all her life, while Stephanie came from a nice, quiet, middle class neighborhood on the outside of town. Stephanie's a nice girl, her parents just divorced, lives with her mom. They lost there house and are renting a little studio place above the neighbor's garage. Jayna is giving her friend some fashion tips for her first day of school.

Jayna: Stephanie, are you crazy! You can't wear that around here...Where do you think you are, the "St. Mary's School for Girls", cutie, you're downtown now. You can't wear that bandana around your ankle, like some little fashion accessory! You'll get us both killed! (Beat) Yeah it looks great...but're not wearing it. You'll see a lot fo kids around here wearing bandanas on their heads and it's not because it goes with their shirt. They are like signs of association and sources of pride, or somehting like that...oh, and good luck if you DON'T happen to be familiar with, "The Code". Oh man, and heaven forbid you put a wrong color on, or wear it because it's could get yourself messed-up! Yesterday, I thought I'd have a little fun and wear that bandana my little brother gave me, with the good ole Red, White, and Blue, United States Flag printed on it...You should have seen the looks on their faces, they didn't know whether to throw me a peace sign or beat me up...but you can forget about it, I'm not wearing enough under arm deodorant to try that stunt again today, so please, just take it off!