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Katherine (Katty) and Kristen used to be best friends when they were little girls. Kristen and her mom moved out of the neighborhood when her parents got a divorce. Katty and Kristen kept in touch for a while, but with each of the families moving around so much, for whatever reason, the phone calls and visits would get farther and farther apart. It finally ends up that they live in suburbs at opposite ends of the city.

Katty: Hello? Kristen?...(screaming/excited) Kristen! Oh my gosh I can't believe it's you! Where do you live now? How's your mom?(beat) She remarried? How do you like him? Really?(beat) Well, as long as he's nice, you'll get used to him. So how have you been? It's so nice to here from you. (beat) Writing? Oh don't worry about that, I know your parents divorce really upset you. It's just that we didn't know where you went, it's like you disappeared for five years....Oh it's so good to hear from you again! (reflecting) Remember all the funny things we used to do when we were little girls? Like telling scary ghost stories, remember we would get ourselves so afraid, that we wouldn't go to sleep until dawn the next morning...and remember the time we put make-up on our Barbie dolls, not realizing we used permanent markers. Or how about the time we played Talk-Show Host in my Dad's garage. I still have a copy of that tape we made. You should hear it, it's really cute! (beat) Oh yeah! And the secret hide out...we made gourmet mud pies and actually tried to eat them! Oh, but my favorite was when I spent the night over at your house, and we used to do modeling shows for your mom and dad! Remember how they would clap and give us prizes...your mom used to get so into it. After we were done she would make a big bowl of popcorn and watch movies all night. (beat) You go horseback riding? Do you wear those funny pants and boots? That's so awesome, I've always wanted to do that! (pause) Wow I can't believe it's you....Do you have a boyfriend? (beat) Cool, so do I...His name is Doug. He's SO cute! (beat) Right now! Really! your mom going to bring you over?...Sickness!!!!