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"Perfectly Frank" (Teen Monologue, Female)*Lightly Humorous*

Amy and her friend Doug are in Study Hall together getting ready for the big math exam the tomorrow morning. You can tell that Amy is a little tired and cranky, and the math homework seems to have taken her over the edge. Doug lends a sypathetic ear.

Amy: You know something Doug, it seems like every person I know is trying to be perfect. They're all working out to get that perfect body, shopping to find those perfect clothes, saving money to buy that perfect car, all this while trying to maintain straight "A's" so they can get into the perfect college. Then we get to college...and how many years do we have there?...Yeah, another four years to make tops in our class, while balancing sports, activities, and part time jobs to try to have that perfect resume for our applications. And I suppose you're wondering why we need a perfect resume?...Well let me tell you. So you can get that perfect job, make lots of money and be successful. (shakes her head) Oh and then there's dating....we can't leave that out. Going out with the right guy gets you into all the right parties, not to mention improving your chances for being nominated for the Homecoming and Prom royalty. It can make or break your high school experience. Some of my friends are even perfect enough to be Runway Models, you know the ones, they suck in their cheeks and prance down the runway with their "I disdain you little people" look on their faces. The other night, while I was up at 11 p.m. finishing my homework, (pushing the point) "because I'd just gotten home from work after volleyball practice," so I got frustrated and looked up the word "perfect" in the dictionary. You know something, it's ironic, that we're all striving for an idea that comes somewhere between "penguins" and "pinball". Doesn't that strike you as being stupid, life is just to precious to waist. I'm ready to have some fun! (pause) Well you just going to sit there, why don't you give me your opinion on the matter. (beat) Yeah, Please, and be perfectly honest.