Brian Heath
Oral histories and artist documentary footage
in visual arts, music, rap, dance
,social justice and human rights.

All film, video, photographs and audio clips listed were
filmed, photographed, recorded and or taped by me.
© 1979 2022 Brian Heath

Agnes Bidell
Beulah Hamilton
Balthazar Korab
David DiCheria
Ed Vaughn
George D Arnold
Hubert Massey
Jeanne Poulet
Karen DiChiera
Leno Jackson
Maggie Allesee
Marcus Belgrave
Richard Danielpour
Ron Milner
Stephen Knapp
Thurgood Marshall Vid
Blues Rhythm
Sam Greenlee
Charles McGee
Semaj Brown
Frenchie Davis
Documentary Home
Vintage Detroit Hip Hop
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I am actively working to complete the archives of the footage, photographs and audio recordings of each individual in my collection.


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4 all photos and video by
© Brian Heath 2021

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