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I have documented Hubert Massey's works and installations for at least 2 decades.  There are thousands of digital images and hundreds of hours of video footage of pre-process, process, reference images, installations, ceremonies, administrative meetings, technical and community meetings and more.  Projects are being edited from storage and new projects are being filmed.

Hubert Massey (born 1958) is an artist of a variety of mediums, and well known for his large-scale installations in the Buon Fresco style. Massey has 15 works of public art throughout the state of Michigan, and has been commissioned by various local organizations including universities, foundations, museums, hotels, and the Michigan Department of Transportation. 

Oral histories and artist documentary footage in visual arts, music, rap, dance ,social justice and human rights and more. All film, video, photographs and audio clips listed were filmed, photographed, recorded and or taped by me. - Brian Heath


Flint Institute of Arts
Earth, Wind, Fire and Water
88x12 foot fresco process

Earth, Wind, Fire and Water
12x88ft Fresco
Flint Institute of Arts
Project video and images

below - Detroit-Crossroad of Innovation
30x30 foot fresco video timelapse
Huntington Place (TCF Center)

TFC Center Main Ballroom
Detroit-Crossroad of Innovation
30x30ft Fresco
Project timelapse from multiple angles and image

Huberts 15x25 foot stained glass installation at
Tabernacle Baptist Church in Detroit - (below)

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