Frenchie Davis
Oral history of her life as a spoken word artist, poet, writer
and her journey to becoming an authority on human sexuality.

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Frenchie Davis
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This oral history was recorded on August 28, 2002 in Frenchies home in Detroit, MI.  She was a feature spoken word artist at the most popular poetry venues and the official representative for Def Poetry Jam in Michigan. She speaks about her journey in poetry and spoken word as it relates to sex and all that the subject encompasses.  Her style is straight forward, progressive and non-apologetic.

Frenchie also talks about her transition from Detroit to New York City to enhance her art as well as education in the study of human sexuality.  Her oral history is a lesson in choosing a path, following that path and becoming the path for others.  No matter what your goals are, listening to her and learning about her acomplishments will prove that success is acheived over time with effort and determination.

Frenchie Davis MPH is an authority on Human Sexuality and Public Leadership and Health with a laser-beam focus on the African-American community.


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