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Sam Greenlee visited Detroit in 2002 to screen his film and have talkbacks on the book and film THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR.  He was introduced by African Diaspora Scholar and reknowned historian Paul Lee, Berkeley University.  This was a 2 day, multiple screening event.  Sam and Paul spoke prior to each screening and I was allowed to shoot throughout the weekend. There is interesting information from each pre-screening talk as well as Q&A post screening talks.

You will gain valuable insight into the thoughts of Sam, Paul and the audience as they speak of not only the film but the social-political and racial environment from 20 years ago relating to the Detroit riots that also relate to the environment surrounding the Black Lives Matters movement and the 2020 election and insurection. One camera and ambient sound was allowed - multiple clips. 

Last year Exec. Producer Lee Daniels is has filmed a pilot for a Disney series based on the film as of April 2021.

My oral histories and artist documentary footage are quite detailed and some are interviewed by other artists or supporters of the arts.

I am actively working to complete the archives of the footage, photographs and audio recordings of each individual to be submitted to the U.S. Library of Congress.

There were 5 screenings and each offered great talkbacks
on issues that relate to the issues of all of these historic times.
(some language may not be appropirate for children)


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